LMNP simulator: Taxation of furnished rental income


Furnished rental income is declared in the Industrial and Commercial Profits category in which you have the choice between the Micro Bic regime and the Real regime.
In order to help you choose the most advantageous tax regime, we provide you with this free simulator.

If it is a rental investment during the year, enter the purchase value of the property. In other situations, indicate the estimated value of the property on the day the activity begins.
Amount of notary and agency fees (only if the property was acquired during the year).
Amount of work carried out during the year if greater than € 600. If lower add them to charges.
Indicate the value of the furniture, appliances, small equipment purchased during the year to start the rental. Otherwise indicate the used value.
Indicate "1" for a studio, "2" for a one-bedroom property, etc ...
Rent including charges
Joint ownership, insurance, property tax, CFE
and insurance
Indicate the number of years remaining to settle your loan (s)
Indicate your marginal tax bracket (highest bracket)