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I have been using French Tax Online for 10 years now and I couldn't be happier with the service! Really good communication, efficient and reliable. Do not look anywhere else!
Michael C.
I have been using French Tax Online for over ten years. I have always found them very helpful, efficient and great communicators. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to use their services.
Nick J.
We have been customers of French Tax Online for over 10 years now and have always been delighted with the service and support. In particular Gihaine, the office Manager has always been available to help with whatever queries we have had and I have no hesitation in recommending French Tax Online
Padraic O.
French Tax Online and Office Manager Gihaine in particular, has been of invaluable help in my dealing with the French tax authorities. I have no hesitation in referring them to anyone that needs assistance with their tax obligations in France.
Christopher H.
Great service! Tax forms are daunting, even more so if you aren’t fluent in French. Any questions are answered promptly and clear instructions given for paying tax due. Highly recommend French Tax Online.
Marry R.
Thank you for taking care of my Income Tax needs for 2019. The FTO change of ownership seems to have gone smoothly and the service has become even better than the previous great service from the original FTO Looking forward to working with you in the future.
Gerry M.
I have been using the services of French Tax Online for many years & would highly recommend them for a speedy efficient & cost-effective solution for our annual tax return.
Eoin B.
When the new office manager Gihaine Geraud took over the running of the French Tax Online office in Marseille, there was no disruption of service to existing customers. This is quite an achievement.

Accounts are prepared on time, questions are answered on the same day, explanations are easy to understand and to the point.

We see the website has been redone and we find it more user friendly, interactive and it has ergonomic features. Congratulations.

We look forward to the years ahead with the support French Tax Online and the service provided by Gihaine Geraud.
Patrick and Margaret D.
I have been using French Tax Online for over 10 years to complete my annual tax returns to the French authorities. This company is a dream to work with, everything is hassle free. The forms are completed online and they are very quick to review and return to you for signature. They carry out all the dealings with the French Tax Authorities on your behalf, excellent service and great value for money. They offer a great service, you are dealing with a person and not a system.
Ray O.
When I was advised by the management of FrenchTaxOnLine last year that they were closing down their operation I was, not surprisingly, very concerned. My brother and I had been using their services for quite a few years and to have to start off all over again with a new firm was disappointing as we had been very happy with the service provided to date. My fears turned out to be groundless. New management took over the company and the transition was devoid of any problems. An excellent rapport was established with the new management very quickly despite an expectation on my part that there would be a few initial teething problems. There were none and all the relevant tax returns were made on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending FrenchTaxOn Line to anyone looking for a reliable tax accountant in France.
David C.
I used the services of French Tax Online for a long number of years and was quite happy with them. However a change of ownership recently took place and I was apprehensive about dealing with a new company. I need not have worried. I am very impressed with the new French Tax Online. If I have a problem, large or small, or need advice on any tax matter I can rest assured that I will receive prompt, friendly and professional advice from Gihaine, the very courteous Office Manager. I look forward to continuing my association with French Tax Online for next year and into the future.
Colville C.
We have dealt with French Tax Online for many years, and more recently with Gihaine since she commenced there as Office Manager.  We always found her to be courteous, professional and efficient and it is particularly helpful that we can correspond with him in English regarding complex tax matters.
Frances O.
I have been a customer of Frenchtaxonline continuously since 2005, when I first discovered their service.

As an Expat, it was a huge relief to find a Tax Accountancy service in France which was so highly competent, and could painlessly help me navigate my way through the French Tax system. The staff have always been friendly and courteous over the years, and they have always been quick to answer my emails and assist when I had any questions. It's an enormous help that I can correspond with the staff in english.

Being able to fill in the appropriate Tax Forms on their excellent website makes life so easy. But this is not just another faceless website with no human input. They are always there to help.

If Frenchtaxonline did not exist it would be much more difficult and costly for me to run my rental property in France from overseas.

I can highly recommend their service to any expat rental property owner.
Michael M.
I have used FrenchTaxOnline for about ten years. Having changed hands in 2019, the business has maintained a consistent level of service. They answer my questions promptly
Neil H.
The team at FrenchTaxOnline is excellent. They are committed to their clients. They are always prompt in their replies to inquiries and they are helpful, efficient and very courteous.  I have every confidence in the advice they offer and am very grateful for their guidance and advice throughout the year.
Raj R.
The team at FrenchTaxOnline really simplified the process of being compliant with the French Tax Laws. They were immediately responsive to any questions I had, and kept me informed throughout the process of my tax filings. As a result, I believe that we have developed a long term and trusted business relationship. I look forward to working with them again!
Wardah A.
I have had a very positive experience using French tax online. My queries were responded to very promptly and efficiently.

I would highly recommend this company.
Catherine A.
Great value, great service – quick to respond to queries, and proactive in suggesting ways to reduce tax costs. Highly recommended.
Andy B.
I purchased a property in France in 2006 and since that time, French Tax Online have completed my tax returns.  I live in Ireland so it is great to have a specialist company on the ground advising me.  I have always received an excellent service and I have no hesitation in recommending them
In my opinion, French Tax Online is an essential tool to owning and running a French property from the UK. 
The team has guided me through the maze of details necessary for legal and transparent tax returns and has saved me a lot of money and time. They are quick, efficient and bilingual. 
Highly recommended. 
Rosie M.
It's a pleasure for me to recommend the use of the services of French Tax On Line.

Being Irish, with no knowledge of either spoken or written French, I rely totally on this company to organise my accounts, make tax returns to French Revenue and ensure I am fully compliant with French law.

I especially appreciate how they explain issues to me in my own language - English - offer timely advice, reply to e-mails promptly, all in a friendly and courteous manner.

A professional service offered at reasonable prices, I will be retaining their services now and into the future. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the use of this company's services to a friend or colleague.
Seamus D.
I’ve been using French Tax Online’s services for the completion of my French Tax Return since 2016 and I highly recommend them.  The forms on their website are simple to complete.  If you have any questions they’re very quick to respond.  They have made the process as pain free as it can be.  Now I just need someone to do my UK tax return!
Sarah M.

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