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  Monday 23 November 2020 
2019 French Income Tax Retunrs

• If you rent a FURNISHED property (LEASEBACK or regular property), you have until the 30th April 2020 to submit your 2019 Annual Furnished Assets Income Tax Return. ...click here

• If you rent an UNFURNISHED property, you have until mid May 2020 to submit your 2019 French income tax return. ...click here

• If you are a FRENCH TAX RESIDENT, you have to submit your 2019 Income Tax Return before mid May 2020. You have to declare all your worldwide income, whatever its source or country of origin. ...click here

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French SCI tax declaration

01/01/2020:Start of the 2020 tax season.

30/04/2020:• Deadline for submitting 2019 French Tax declaration of S.C.I. (French "Soci�t� Civile Immobili�re").
• Leaseback & furnished rentals: Deadline for submitting 2019 income declaration.

15/05/2020:Foreign company : Deadline for submitting 2020 French 3% Tax.

19/05/2020:French resident & Non resident : Deadline for submitting the 2019 French income tax returns and the 2020 wealth tax declaration (for taxable assets between 1.300.000 euros and 2.570.000 euros).

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• When should I receive the invoice for land tax ?
• What is the deadline to pay this tax ?
• What if I miss the deadline ?
• How can I pay this tax ?
• What if I have not received my invoice ?
• Don't I benefit from a 2 year tax exemption on land tax if I purchased a new built property ?
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