Purpose of terms and conditions

French Tax Online website is intended for English speaking clients who need help for their French tax declarations.

These terms and conditions are intended to define the terms of use of the French Tax Online website which allows the proper preparation of French tax declarations through its own special tax forms drafted in English.

Approval of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the agreement between French Tax Online and any new customer of the French Tax Online website, for the use of special online tax forms. The customer is bound by these terms and conditions by clicking on NEXT button, or similar buttons or links.

Any change or improvement of the existing services, or any addition of new services will be automatically be subject to these terms and conditions without the need to first inform the customer.

Access to personal account

It is not possible to complete tax forms without first registering. This registration will give each new customer of French Tax Online a registered acces.

A client can access his personal account at any time with his registered codes. Through this personal account, a client can follow-up and modify his tax return(s) that he has not yet completed, or change his contact information.

Once a customer has fully completed and validated a tax return, and once tax forms have been amended, the corresponding tax file is archived, but can still be viewed by the customer through his personal account.

Privacy and security

French Tax Online is committed to respecting the privacy and the confidentiality of the customer’s personal data transmitted through the online forms. Customer information will not be sold or transferred to third parties.

Upon registration on French Tax Online, each new customer will receive a registered access. Upon logging into French Tax Online website with the registered codes, the customer is redirected to a secure SSL website.

All private and confidential data will be recorded and saved on a dedicated server protected by registered access and located in a secure space.


The provision of French Tax Online’s special forms drafted in English is a fee-based service. No return will be edited without payment in advance.


Tax forms are edited according to the information entered by the customer. The customer is the solely responsible for completing his tax returns. French Tax Online cannot be held responsible for incorrect information entered on tax forms, even though tax returns are checked by a specialized tax team.

It is reminded that the French tax system is one of self-assessment (ie. no need of supporting evidence when submitting the return); however, it is necessary for you to preserve the documents for at least 3 years, as well as all supporting evidence of the figures declared in the event of a disagreement with the French tax authorities.

The information on the various French taxes provided on the French Tax Online website is intended to be a general guide. French Tax Online cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, or different interpretations of the client’s own situation.

French Tax Online cannot be held responsible for disruptions of the service. Access to French Tax Online services may be interrupted without prior notice to the client when maintenance is necessary or technical problems arise.


A customer can request at any time to remove itself from French Tax Online’s database. However, a full copy of his file will be retained for accounting purposes.

French Tax Online is a tax consultancy firm specialized in foreigners investing and living in France.

A member of the Budiz Company Group, which is a French chartered accountant registered with the Order of French Chartered Accountants (OEC).

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