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Our (super) team

Our team is led by two French chartered accountants, Geraud and Volkan. They consistently provide training to keep the team up to date with the ever-evolving world of French taxation. Below, you'll find more information about the professionals you're collaborating with:



Geraud is always looking for the best advices to the clients.

Geraud’s passion for Business Management and entrepreneurship was discovered during his time at « Université de la Méditerranée » where he completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting, Finance and management control.
As a fully qualified French Chartering Accountant, he drives both the firm and his clients businesses forward with experience, fresh ideas and gusto.

In a career spanning from 2012, Geraud appreciates the ongoing difficulties and problems that customers are facing. He approaches his advisory role in a friendly client focused manner. In the meantime, he is devoted on training his customers to better understand all aspects of French Tax system and complete their legal obligation.

Geraud’s personal experience in investing in wealth creation enables him to help his clients to consider all aspects of their financial goals so that they can attain success.

Away from the office, you will find him either riding on his motorbike or racing karting. Rest assure, this amateur of extreme disciplines find always time in his very busy schedule to spend qualitative time with his family and friends or relax with a good book.

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Volkan is renowned for his meticulous technical expertise, leaving no room for errors.

Volkan, a seasoned French chartered accountant, commenced his career in 2004 at an accounting firm in Marseille. In 2008, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, establishing his own firm, which has experienced continuous growth. He collaborates with a diverse clientele, both local and international.

Volkan is renowned for his meticulous technical expertise, leaving no room for errors. Additionally, he shares his knowledge as a university lecturer in Marseille, nurturing the next generation of chartered accountants.

Beyond his professional commitments, you’ll find him at the gym, where he holds the title of Vice France champion in bench press. He’s also a passionate motorbike enthusiast, though his machines tend to remain a work in progress.

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Joanne enjoys providing the best service to her clients.

In 2019, she decided to move from the Netherlands to France. She joined French Tax Online in September 2021 and she started as an assistant of her college Gihaine, and has now become office manager of the tax return section of French Tax Online.

Joanne helps her clients with their personal tax return, fiscal rules between foreign countries and France, their VAT, rental income tax returns, and spends much of her time providing the best customer service to her clients.

One of her core values is to go the extra mile to make the client feel seen and valued. For the Dutch clients among us, she can provide you with service in Dutch.

Joanne is a family person, social, active and creative, she can often be found with one of her friends and in her free time she likes to go out into nature, enjoy the beautiful calanques, which can be found next to Marseille.

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Gihaine knows better than anyone to provide customers with a personalised service.

She joined French Tax Online after returning from three years in Canada. Prior to this she was working for over seven years in aerospace companies after graduating from Durham Business School in United Kingdom.

Gihaine assists customers with their legal obligation to fill and submit French tax returns. Fully bilingual, she works directly in English with them so that they do not have to deal with the complicated French tax definitions and rules, or with the tax administration.
She will guarantee that their returns are prepared accurately and submitted securely over the internet using advanced tax software.
Also, she is eager to maximize all her customers’ tax efficiently. Indeed, she is proficient in carefully prepare, review and advise the clients on how better structure their income declaration.

Very sensitive to the customer’s well-being, Gihaine focuses on making life easier for her clients and work closely with them.

Gihaine is very passionate about travel, sports, personal and professional development. Constantly striving to increase and develop her skill which she believes can assist her clients further.
Away from the office, she can be found catching up on the odd activities, relaxing with her family or hiking in the beautiful serene wildness that the world offer us.

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Alexandre C.

BUSINESS Accountant

Alexandre is the peaceful strength of the team.

He is always happy to help; extremely reactive he responds quickly to all issues or something more in-depth that requires a little research.

Prior to his arrival within French Tax Online, he was studying accounting.
His strong formation, experience and know-how is a power for the company. Indeed, Alexandre always come up with a technical eye and fresh ideas.
He is a wealth of knowledge and brings a unique set of expertise to the whole team.

Alexandre take care of all the taxation, accounting and advisory needs. He delivers exceptional results and ensure daily operations are run smoothly.
Moreover, he is dedicated to provide the highest level of customer service while making the accounting process as effortless as possible.
Very proactive, he saves us a lot of efforts and stress.

Outside his working hours, Alexandre loves to spend time with friends and family, going out for a drink on the weekend and camping.
Moreover, he likes relaxing while watching all types of movies.

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IT Support

Bertrand is the « magician » of technical problems.

With a master’s degree in telecommunication engineering from Dublin University, he is in charge of maintaining our computer networks and ensure that our IT systems run smoothly.

He is constantly coming with innovative suggestions to optimize operational efficiency and improve our IT software.
Moreover his interpersonal skills, extensive experience and knowledge enable him to respond in a timely manner to our services issues and requests.

In the meantime, Bertrand ensure that the company is compliant with the GDPR rules. He maintain our database and system security to protect our customer’s personal data and privacy against loss and exposure.

Bertrand is a fast and sharp technical engineer. He is very aware of our client’s expectations and is able to mix both consulting skills and technical knowledge to offer solutions.
His ability to think critically and his excellent troubleshooting skills enable us to resolve quickly your technical issues.

You are asking yourself where to find this humble and generous person ? My reply is that outside his working hours, Bertrand spend time with his family.
Moreover the cocktail of hiking and travel is its natural remedy and peaceful escape for constant encroachment of technology.
It helps him to unclogged and regenerate his mind. It is undoubtedly in the roots of the earth that he finds his creativity, ideas and inspiration.

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Thomas M.


Thomas is the youngest of the team and is eager to learn the finer points of the craft.

Thomas joined French Tax Online team in July 2022 in order to start learning about accountancy, taxes and clients relationship. He’s really eager to help and learn despite his young age.

In his spare time, you will find him on a boat, enjoying the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean, or in the gym.

You might also find in on Vinted selling for shoes or any other type of clothes.

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Constance has an ambitious spirit and a real go-getter.

She joined French Tax Online in 2021 as an accountant assistant and never stopped impoving her skills since then. She is now a Trainee Chartered Accountant with the aim of becoming the best French Chartered Accountant, having been infected by Géraud’s enthusiasm for accountancy.

You might find her in a crossfit gym or in a city center restaurant with her family or friends.

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Thomas L.


Thomas is French Tax Online’s very first employee and never stopped witnessing the company’s progression.

He’s been part of all successes and failures and is a part of the company’s DNA. He’s working with business clients helping them navigate into the famous French taxes waters.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his friends in a bar. You’ll probably find him drinking a Ricard at the Vieux Port in Marseille after work or in Corsica in the summer, where he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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Alexandre P.


Alexandre is the social force of the team, and will always provide you with highly professional solutions.

Meet Alexandre: A seasoned Sales Director with a decade of expertise in the realm of international accounting. Fluent in both French and English, Alexandre possesses the uncanny ability to discern the core of any challenge and provide tailored solutions. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of global finance or seeking tax guidance, Alexandre is here to assist you every step of the way.

Alexandre loves travelling and has lived in France, England, China, Thailand, Canada and Japan. When he is not in the office, he loves reading, spending time with his friends and exploring new places.

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French Tax Online is a tax consultancy firm specialized in foreigners investing and living in France.

A member of the Budiz Company Group, which is a French chartered accountant registered with the Order of French Chartered Accountants (OEC).

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