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Switching from micro-BIC to ’Réel simplifié’

You are under the micro-BIC regime and wonder if you can switch to the ‘Réel Simplifié’ system? Would you like to know how the procedure works? When should you start the procedure?

No worries, here you will find answers for a smooth transition.

Switch from micro-BIC to ‘Réel Simplifié’

When the revenue is less than €72.600, the owner is by default registered in the “micro-BIC” regime.

Yet, in order to optimize his taxation, he can opt for the regime ‘Réel Simplifié’.

The table below summarizes the procedures depending on whether you have already started your activity or are registered as a ‘micro-BIC’.

If you are starting your rental activityYou already have declared furnished rental income in the micro-BIC Regime
Apply for a SIRET number:
– Complete the POi form to declare and start your activity as a furnished tenant so that you can obtain your SIRET identification number.  
If your own several properties, you must provide the address of the property that generate the most income.  
– In the section ‘options fiscale’, click on the ‘régime réel simplifié’ option.  
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1. Send a registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to your tax office (SIE) before February 1 of the assessment year you wish to switch.   The mail should contain the following elements:  
Data relating to the owner   – Civil status; – Last name – First name; – E-mail; – Telephone; – Personal address; – Postal code; – City ; – Country (If you are not a French resident).  
Data related to your activity:   – Address of the property rented (or that of the property generating the most revenue, if you own several).
Send the form to the commercial court where your property depends and you will receive your SIRET that allows you to declare your rental income. Send your ‘liasse fiscal’ to the French tax authorities before May 3rd.

Finally, we have seen that the amount of rental income generated to not limit the regime in which we are. If one the two regimes suits you best, do not hesitate to undertake the procedure for transition to the other.

You must respect the deadlines of the procedures to ensure a smooth transition.

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