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Who is the “Location Meublée Non Professionnel” for?

To obtain the status of LMNP all you need to do is: all you need to do is buy a new property in a serviced residential area and rent it to a managing company on a commercial lease for a period of between 9 and 12 years. This company is responsible for renting the property: finding a tenant and paying you the rent.

The range of properties that qualify for LMNP status is wide and includes:

Type of residenceFor whoPotential
Tourist residenceDesigned to accommodate holidaymakers all year round or on a seasonal basis. The latter may offer additional services such as cleaning or even catering.As France is a popular tourist destination, there is therefore a real potential for this type of accommodation. However, a study should be done beforehand in order to target areas of economic activity.
Business residenceUsually located in business areas, they are designed to accommodate business travellers. The difference with a hotel is that the accommodation is fully equipped and independent.  Since 2008, demand for this type of housing has been growing in major cities.
Student residenceThey are intended exclusively for students and are usually located close to faculties and public transport.  There is a real shortage of student accommodation at the moment, which represents a great opportunity for the sector. The acquisition of these properties is facilitated by a lower purchase price due to the smaller area proposed.
Senior residenceIt welcomes the ageing population who need support to make their daily lives easier.The ageing of the population and the increasing life expectancy make this sector attractive.
Accommodation for elderly dependentsThese establishments are designed for seniors with special medical needs who require ongoing assistance with daily living.In the coming decades, the number of people at risk will increase. This is due to the ageing of the baby boomers.  

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