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Furnished rental property rules and standards

If you rent a furnished property, you share the same basic obligations in terms of decency and security as those of unfurnished rental.

Landlords have to offer decent housing under penalty of condemnation or even a reduction in their rent by the judge.

In the following sections, we will now give you an overview of the owner’s obligations in furnished rentals so that you can rent with peace of mind while complying with the rules and standards that apply to you.

Definition of a decent housing

According to the decree n ° 2002-120 dated January 30, 2002, it defines decent housing as “housing that presents no obvious risks for the physical safety or the health of its occupants and is equipped with elements that make it conform to the use of a  ‘dwelling’:

  • Good state of maintenance and solidity of the shell, roofing and joinery (no water infiltration in particular).
  • Stairs, loggias, balconies and secure windows.
  • Electricity and gas networks up to standards.
  • Sufficient natural lighting and opening, giving to the open air.

Minimum dimensions

The main accommodation must have:

  • At least one main room of at least 9m2
  • A ceiling height of at least 2.20 m: providing a living space of at least 20m3

Rules and standards of decency

Renting a furnished property entails the following obligations for the owner:

  • The accommodation must include an installation for normal heating (devices for supplying energy and evacuating suitable combustion products).
  • The facilities must allow access to drinking water with sufficient flow for the normal use of its tenants;
  • The evacuation of gray water and black water must prevent the backflow of odors (siphons).
  • A kitchen or kitchen area must be fitted out to receive a cooking appliance and include a sink.
  • A sanitary installation inside the accommodation must comprise toilets and equipment for personal hygiene (bath or shower). If the accommodation has only one room, the sanitary installation may be limited to outdoor WCs, provided they are located in the same building and easily accessible.
  • An electrical network must allow sufficient lighting of all rooms and the operation of household appliances essential to everyday life.

Energy performance rules

The owner has an obligation to offer the tenant a home that meets a minimum energy performance criterion. The airtightness and ventilation of the home must be up to standard.


  • Housing must be protected against parasitic air infiltration.
  • Doors, windows, walls and sides that open to the outside must have sufficient airtightness.
  • The openings of rooms opening onto unheated adjoining rooms must have doors or windows.
  • If the home has chimneys, they must be equipped with hatches.


  • The opening and ventilation devices must be in good condition and must allow air renewal. These must not present a risk to the physical safety or health of the occupants (risk of lead poisoning and diseases linked to the presence of asbestos).

Furniture required for furnished accommodation

The accommodation must provide the tenant with the ability to cook, take meals, sleep, store belongings, and perform housework.

To clarify, for the list of mandatory equipment, see the section: equipping your furnished accommodation > mandatory equipment

Furthermore, the equipment on the mandatory list must be in good working order. Furniture and appliances must be resistant to the risk of having to repair or replace them over time.

If you do not meet the conditions of decency

If the accommodation you are renting does not comply with the rules of decency, the tenant may demand that it be brought into conformity at any time.

In the event of a dispute, the judge can:

  • Compel the lessor to perform the necessary work.
  • Impose a rent reduction.
  • Determine damages.

In conclusion, furnished rentals are governed by legal texts that define the rules of decency, energy performance, minimum dimensions, mandatory equipment, and safety standards.

It is essential to recognize that it is mandatory to comply with these rules, as failure to do so may result in sanctions imposed by a judge, including potential damages awarded to the tenant.

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