How can French Tax Online help you fill in your VAT form?

We will help you to request the VAT credit that you are owed from the French tax administration, further to your leaseback acquisition. This will include registration, request of reimbursement, as well as annual VAT declarations:

  • Registration
    You have to inform the French tax administration that you have bought a leaseback property and that you decide to renounce to the tax exemption (“franchise en base”).
    We will prepare the documents for registration on your behalf!
  • Request of reimbursement:
    We will fill in the documents requesting your reimbursement on your behalf. That way you can be entirely sure that the documents have been filled in correctly!
  • Annual VAT returns:
    We will prepare the annual VAT returns that need to be sent to the French tax administration on your behalf.
  • Follow-up of your French tax file:
    Rest assured! Our team will follow your file with the French tax administration on your behalf!

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