Company closure

Once you have established your business, the French tax authorities expect a tax return every year until the business is dissolved.
Failure to inform the authorities can result in you being pursued by them and receiving fines in the future.

At French Tax Online, we help you through this arduous, complicated and bureaucratic process.
Just relax and forget about all the stress and anxiety this obligation brings. All you have to do is enjoy the benefit of selling your property.


How can French Tax Online help you close your incorporated company ?

At French Tax Online, we will fill out all forms, maintain all procedures and handle all formalities in French on your behalf.

Our start up business package includes :

  • Discussion with clients to indicate the date of closing of your activity;
  • Completion of all required documents and formalities in French ;
  • Communication with administrative department of the commercial court of the city where the property is located.

Stepping stones


You fill out a basic form that we send you in order to provide your personal information (name, address…)


We submit your declaration to the Greffe du tribunal de commerce


Greffe du tribunal de commerce validates your request and sends it to your SIE


SIE validates your request and submits it to INSEE


INSEE closes your “entreprise individuelle”


We send you the official document declaring that your “entreprise individuelle” is closed